In the New York Fashion Week held in 2017, Anniesa Hasibuan, the super star in the prestigious series, impressed the fashion world by being the first to exhibit every appearance with all the hijab, pairing it variously with matches, kimonos, trousers, tunics and dresses that are long, largely at the silks which Indonesia is famous for.

“She is the very first modest-fashion designer to have a slot at the NYFW and we are proud of this,” Kerim Türe who is the CEO of Modanisa, explained. In May 2016, Hasibuan also presented in the first-ever modest-fashion occasion held in Istanbul, and as a significant sponsor, Modanisa takes the pride at the occasion. For Türe, it revealed that the hijab-fashion industry is embracing the diversity which still remains a struggle for several Islamic brands expecting to reach Muslim clients. Modanisa and hijab fashion has gone a long way since Modanisa begun its journey 5 years ago as a Turkey based startup.

Modanisa hijab

Days following Modanisa signed Hasibuan, the very first modest-fashion designer to present in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Türe is pleased to predict fantastic things for the business.

“In five decades, modest fashion will be mainstream, and it is going to likewise influence Western style,” Türe stated while attending the worldwide Islamic Economy Summit (GIES), that was convened at Dubai on October 11 – 12, 2016.

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week has been about creating new capacities for Modanisa. Three decades back, it wasn’t simple or common to come across an abaya in the Turkish markets. Fashion changes with time. Nowadays you see tonnes of distinct hijabs in the public in Turkey. Going through Istanbul University, that decades ago used to have a secular outlook, you can now see abaya and hijab wearing girls everywhere. The hijab and abaya has even found a lot of ground in Western countries; while walking in public, you can now easily spot hijab and abaya in the UK, US and other western countries.

Collaboration was a buzzword in the GIES this season in everything from finance to style. “You will need to profit from the expertise of the others,” he explained.

“We are attempting to form mainstream hijab fashion. There’s a whole lot of cooperation and inspiration from modest-fashion designers from various nations. We are seeing designers take black or black feminine patterns, place them together and bring out something fascinating and workable for the marketplace.” The difference, he emphasised, is located in curating, which may mean adding a specially styled scarf into the omnipresent long coat to make it even more appropriate to the locale.

Modanisa fashion

Modanisa itself is going powerful, Türe explained. Launched in 2011, the online fashion retailer now reaches nine million clients a month. “We’ve got 300 distinct brands and over 45 designers. We’ve 30,000 SKUs [stock keeping units] and we send to over a million cities in over a hundred nations,” he explained, adding that free delivery is currently available to the GCC and other destinations.

As the world gets smaller and trendy, and Millennials are now increasingly leaning towards less-revealing fashion, Türe is researching strategies to achieve Modanisa’s audience base. One of them is establishing two shops in Turkey.

“Many folks are approaching us to start Modanisa retail shops, but we’re searching for the ideal product mix and greatest value for your client,” he explained. The shops may utilize the idea of ‘showrooming’, in which a shopper visits a shop to test on a product simply to purchase it online.

“We are purely an internet firm. We wish to show people the caliber of Modanisa products so that they can try them there and purchase online,” Türe explained. Seeing it in their own hands increases the confidence of buyers and they are more likely to convert. Time will tell if Modanisa succeeds in its vision of promoting hijab and modest fashion and soon making it a mainstream fashion globally.

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