The fashion industry knows how to sell the sizzle. Fashion houses like to create fabulous designer clothes, but they also like to use words that have their own meaning to men looking to make a splash on the social scene. Words like “tailoring”, “vintage”, “heritage”, and “contemporary” give men a sense of social stature. Those words work for clothing companies that want to charge a hefty price for not so hefty made jackets, shirts, and pants. The fashion language that few people outside of the fashion world understand is a carefully orchestrated attempt to lead men to the generic URL “add to cart” page on clothing websites. Decoding some of this double-use jargon can be a lesson in subtle modern marketing or a reason not to buy clothing from a particular fashion vendor.

The fashion folks like to use the word “iconic” a lot. Iconic means the best in the fashion world. But iconic is an old fashion workhorse that has lost some of its initial pizzazz. “Heritage” is another fashion word that leaves men scratching their heads. Sure, heritage means a traditional brand that has a history of fine workmanship. But today’s heritage brands don’t have a long history, and the workmanship may not be the best. “Made in Italy” of “Made in England” are fashion phrases that demand higher price tags in today’s crazy fashion world. Those labels don’t mean the complete shirt or suit is Italian or English. The stitch work and fabric choices could be from another country. And then all the components go through the finishing process in Italy or England.

“Contemporary fit” also has a special meaning in fashion circles. Contemporary means new or original, but in the fashion industry, nothing is really new. All new clothing designs come from old clothing designs. New fabrics, buttons choices, fit measurements and other fashion secrets make clothing contemporary. But there are clothing retailers that don’t conform to the standard method of marketing the ordinary as extraordinary. One of those retailers is Tailors Keep in San Francisco.

At Tailors Keep,, a custom shirt still means the shirt is unique. Tailors Keep is a retailer that understands passion, and the craftsmen at Tailors Keep instill that passion in every garment they create. There is no need to paint a picture with words when men visit Developing beautiful clothing that fits the body and the style of each man is their specialty.

There will always be clothing companies that sell the sizzle before style. Those companies come and go in the fashion world. Finding the right custom clothing company is still a challenge in many American cities. But in downtown San Francisco Tailor’s Keep is making that challenge a thing of the past. There is nothing shallow or fake about giving men what they want without the fancy words. Words that twist and turn in the air hoping to land on an ill-informed clothing shopper are not for quality conscious individuals. Quality and solid information rule at the junction between the Financial District, Chinatown, Jackson Square, and the North Beach neighborhoods in San Francisco.


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